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Greetings from Grandma Dar and Grandpa Ken!

    Like many in our age group, we have grandchildren that we adore who live far away, so interaction on a regular basis is impossible. We love being grandparents, and we also know that the grandparent/child relationship has more than just emotional satisfaction: The Health Benefits of Having and Being Grandparents.

    Since we can’t see our own grandchildren whenever we want to, we decided to do the next best thing, and created Foster Folks, where grandparents like us can create new relationships with children and families that need and want the warm, close feelings that we empty-nester seniors can provide.

    Whether you’re a parent with one or more children who need that little bit of extra love, a senior with lots of love to give, or anyone who wants to become the new favorite aunt or uncle…welcome to Foster Folks!

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